Celebrate Life with Our Women Retreats

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You feel need to relax, make some time for yourself and leave your daily routine activities? Women retreats can offer the perfect solution for you.   Our tours will take you to a beautiful and truly magical spa places in Bulgaria which will help you to reconnect with yourself, release your stress and boost you energy levels. It is a well known fact that our hot springs are one of the best ways to heal mentally, spiritually and physically in a natural way.

Our women retreats are a good way to invest into yourself. They will not only help you to relax, have joy, but will improve your overall health condition and provide you with the knowledge to better handle issues relating to weight loss, stress management or lack of daily motion. Depending on the retreat you choose, our Ayurveda consultants, nutritionist or instructors will take care of your needs, meet your queries and serve you so we satisfy your needs.

Are you in transition period, when questioning your life’s purpose, wellness or feeling burned out? Our psychotherapist, career consultants and body designers will help you identify your goal and build together a plan how to achieve it. Their valuable support will help overcome any of the life challenges you are currently facing and enjoy your life.

Women Retreats Are Coming Soon. Stay Tuned...

Young women doing yoga at a park in Bulgaria during the summer
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