Spa in Bulgaria is a wonderful experience!

Spa in Bulgaria is a pleasant surprise for all travellers. Do you know that Bulgaria takes second place in Europe in terms of hot springs existence?

There are over 1600 mineral springs, providing all types of mineral water existing in nature. The country is rich in hot and cold mineral water with temperatures varying from 20 °C up to 103 °C.

The hottest geyser in Europe is also situated in Bulgaria – Sapareva Banya. This enormous resource of natural factors, combined with an excellent climate and contemporary hotels provides an excellent opportunity for all-year-round treatment.

This makes the country one of the leading spa destinations in Europe!

The geyser in Sapareva banya during the autumn season in Bulgaria
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The hottest geyser in Europe, 103 °C, Sapareva Banya

The mud sources along the Black Sea Coast and the curative clays can successfully treat many different types of diseases.

Bulgaria also ranks high in world ratings when it comes to herbs with exceptional medicinal properties, detox programs, beauty regimes, and massages.

Today, only a few countries in the world can rival with Bulgaria’s hot springs, balneological and wellness tourism.

With its abundance, diversity of thermal mineral waters and curative mud deposits, Bulgaria ranks among the best spa destinations.

The enormous wealth of natural factors, combined with a wonderful climate, modern spa hotels and highly qualified personnel, provide excellent possibilities for year-round spa tourism.

Outdoor swimming pool with 4 people enjoying the hot springs of Dolna Banya during the winter in Bulgaria
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Hot springs, Bulgaria during the winter

Bulgaria is a country of health as effectively treats some of the most widespread diseases of our times.

Balneotherapeutic centres and spas heal everything from eczema to rheumatoid arthritis, bronchial asthma, and bronchopneumonia.

The mineral springs in Bulgaria are located in three main regions – South Bulgaria, including Rila, Rhodopes and Pirin mountains, the Balkan Mountain Range and the Black Sea coast.

It is worth mentioning the city of Sofia and the surrounding cities presenting one of the oldest Roman baths.

Healing procedures with thermal water in pearl bath, Bulgaria
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Healing procedures in bathtub

There are many reasons why you should visit Bulgaria for Spa holiday but one of them is the famous hot mineral springs.

Swimming pool with hot mineral water
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Velingrad, Spa capital of the Balkans

Top reasons to visit a spa in Bulgaria:

  1. The incredible abundance and variety of over 1600 mineral springs between 20 °C -103 °C
  2. The mineral waters in Bulgaria are well known for their healing properties, rich in minerals structure and micro-components.
  3. The climate in the country is exceptionally favourable compared to that of traditional destinations for balneology tourism in Western Europe and the Mediterranean.
  4. The Black Sea – with 20 per cent more sunny days than central and north-western Europe with 378 km long fine sandy beaches
  5. The unique bioclimate – a perfect synergy between the balneological and climatic factors
  6. The pristine mountains with thick pine forests, crystal pure air, and cascading white waters
  7. Rare herbs with exceptional medicinal properties, detox programs, beauty regimes, and massages.
  8. The opportunity to successfully treat the world’s most common diseases
  9. New quality spa resorts, balneo sanatoriums and experienced specialists
  10. Last but not least – affordable prices and great services
Outdoor swimming pool with mineral water full of people in Hisarya, Bulgaria
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Outdoor swimming pool with mineral water in Hisarya
Happy couple enjoying the hot mineral water in infinity swimming pool in Bulgaria
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