Save time, get rest and explore a new world with our Best-Selling Solo Travellers Offers
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Enjoy the benefits of solo traveller tours

Enhance Your Creativity

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People from all over the world are attracted by our tours, crafted with love, professionalism and full dedication. The life experiences, the joy and the friends you make along the trip are just few of the reasons why so many solo travellers choose to trust us and spend their vacation with us again and again. Share with us your passion for exploring, discovering and traveling.

Hassle-free and Safe

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Relax and enjoy a tour either in a small group of 8 people or one up to 34 people. Our tour lead will take care of all small details as his expertise will help you get out the best experience you can ever dream for. You will receive the programme of the tour in advance as there won’t be need to plan anything yourself. All you have to do is select a tour, sign up and enjoy.

Expand Your Horizons

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Want to explore a new world, make new friends or simply make some time for yourself? Solo Traveller trip is the perfect solution for you. Select the experience you are looking for and join other solo travellers like you and  make life-long friendships .
We promise a compelling life journey.


You will find below very useful information for your travel
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Is the solo traveller tour more expensive?

Our company policy is to provide to our customers best value for price. Everyone pays the same price.

Will I need to share a room?

Unless you decide to go for a single room use at an extra charge, you’ll share a twin room with another solo traveller of the same sex. If this is not available, we’ll try and accommodate you with another traveller.

Will I have free time?

Our tours are designed to meet our customers needs.  We do respect the need for private time, as all tours always have a free time window when if you prefer you can do your own things.

Will there be a dinner included?

Meals plannings vary from tour to tour, as in most evenings a dinner is usually included with the rest team members of the group. Alternatively, you can stick to your own plans.

Is it dangerous, scaring to join a solo traveller group tour on my own?

We always aim to provide fun and welcoming experience within our groups. All people who joins a solo traveller group for the first time are pleased with the friendly approach of the the group members.  You are not obliged to join all group activities or spend your whole time. You define your involvement. Most of the people joining our tours make life-long friendships .

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What shall I know about the group?

The group size varies between 8 to 34 people, as this info is usually displayed on the tour package or if you have the need for more information, you can contact our team.  Most of the group members are solo travellers.

Is the solo traveller group consisted mainly by women or men?

Approximately 60% are women and 40% are men, however it may vary from tour to tour.

What is the avarage age of the rest of the group?

The age of the group has a wide range starting from 30 up to 65, as the more the group age is diversed, the better is the group experience.

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