Social & Environmental Policy

At Spa Tours Bulgaria, we want to be responsible and meet the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. We always conduct business with respect to human rights, safety, fair dealing and environmental awareness.

Spa Tours Bulgaria Social & Environmental Policy

Our company’s existence is part of a bigger system of values, people, companies, organizations and nature. That’s why we recognize the need to be socially and environmentally responsible. We have created our Social & Environmental Policy as a response to this need.  The policy applies to our company, team members, suppliers and partners.

Our Social & Environmental Responsibility Policy has three major categories:  health and safety, promotion of human rights and protection of the natural environment.

Health and Safety  Objectives

The first priority is to make sure that our team members, partners and customers are not at risk when involved in any activities delivered by Spa Tours Bulgaria. We ensure that our employees, partners and customers are provided with clear health and safety instructions and encouraged to report unsafe conditions.

Human Rights Objectives

We are aiming to give back to the world just as it gives to us. Promotion of human rights refers to our company’s activities and initiatives to help to communities in need through monetary donations preserved by our company, community investment and educational programs.  Our company may decide to participate in the promotion or organization of various activities focused on cultural and economic development of global and local communities in need or causes.

Natural Environment Objectives

Protection of the natural environment is executed by strengthening the sense of responsibility and the environmental awareness of our team members and customers. We are striving to follow all best practices in terms of disposing garbage during our tours.  Keeping our environment unpolluted and clean is beneficial to all. Our company will proactively protect the environment by performing activities such as recycling, conserving energy, organizing reforestation excursions, using environmentally-friendly technologies.

Transportation policy

We are the only Bulgarian tour operator who offers Self-drive tours with electric vehicles!

With our transportation policy, our intent is to reduce pollution and to minimise negative effects on the environment.  One of our trusted partners is Spark, a Bulgarian company that only offers electric vehicles for rent. We work together to pollute less and offer electric cars in our tours whenever is possible. We help our employees to improve their health and to promote awareness of environmentally friendly means of transportation.

To reach these goals, we endeavour to do the following:

  • We encourage employees to use environmentally friendly and healthy means of transportation, which serve to their needs. Examples include travelling to work by: walking, cycling and travelling by bus or train.
  • We will ensure to provide proper facilities at work for those who use environmentally friendly means of transportation.
  • For those coming at work by car we advise to carpool with colleagues and friends instead of driving alone.
  • We aim to promote electric cars and to include them in tours, when it is mission possible
Social & Environmental Policy of Spa Tours Bulgaria
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