Natural beauty and healthy climate

Is Bulgaria worth visiting?

With every passing year, a growing number of tourists discover our country’s natural beauty and healthy climate.

Moreover, many tourists are excited to explore the Black sea in Bulgaria. While others prefer to discover our beautiful cities, ancient history and rich cultural heritage.

However, Bulgaria is not yet widely popular holiday destination. Many travellers have no idea if Bulgaria is worth visiting.

That’s why we will introduce you to some of the major tourist destinations in Bulgaria and nice places to visit.

Last but not least, you can pin yourself your top 10 tourist attractions in Bulgaria and let us know is Bulgaria a good place to go on holiday.

The Eye, Seven Rila Lakes, one of the best places in Bulgaria and sightseeing attractions in Bulgaria
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The Eye, Seven Rila Lakes, One of the Best Places in Bulgaria

The Black Sea in Bulgaria

Most tourists visit the seaside when they first come to Bulgaria. In ancient times the Black Sea was known as the Hospitable Sea. For most of the time, it’s calm, warm and sunny.

There are no tides, no seaweeds, nor dangerous predators.

The swimming is safe and enjoyable.

The 380-kilometre-long coastline is occupied by beaches with golden sands, quiet coves and rocky promontories, and romantic peninsulas.

Naturally blended into the natural landscapes are the seaside resorts of Balchik, Varna, Albena, Zlatni Pyassatsi (Golden Sands), Drouzhba and Sunny Beach. Consequently, the seaside resorts are irresistible magnets of thousands of holiday-makers all the year-round.

Bulgaria Beaches Black Sea
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Bulgaria Beaches Black Sea

Are these all tourist destinations in Bulgaria?

However, there are more holiday sites than the Black Sea in Bulgaria. There is another part over which the sun shines mo less brightly.

It is also generously blessed by nature. 60 mountains one-third of the 111 thousand square kilometres of the country’s territory. Moreover, each mountain has its own character, rich and varied flora and fauna, history and folklore.

That’s why we think Bulgaria is worth visiting, especially if you are a nature lover.

Beautiful mountain view from the Troyan Balkan. Exceptionally picturesque and offers a combination of wonderful mountain scenery and fresh air.
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Bulgaria offers a beautiful nature

Winter resorts

If you love winter sports the mountain resorts of Sofia in Vitosha, Borovets in the Rila, Bansko in the Pirin, Pamporovo in the Rhodope, offer everything you need for your winter holiday.

These are some of the best places in Bulgaria, which you should add to your list of top 10 tourist attractions in our country.

You will find there friendly and comfortable hotels and restaurants, excellent ski slopes and facilities, snow up to 190 days a year and an extensive programme of interesting local and international sporting events.

Bansko ski resort
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Bansko ski resort

Relax and heal with mineral hot springs

Bulgaria has been famous for the abundance of life-giving mineral waters for centuries. That’s why it was the healing centre of the Romans. Furthermore, our country has old traditions in balneology, as you will find a wide range of effective therapies in the spa resorts in Bulgaria. Some of the famous ones are Velingrad, Kyustendil, Hisarya, Starosel, Pomorie, Sandanski, Pavel Banya, Devin, Golden Sands, Drouzhba. As you can enjoy a spa vacation for the whole year. All that makes Bulgaria worth visiting, especially if you are not a fan of skiing in winter.

Outdoor swimming pool with 4 people enjoying the hot springs of Dolna Banya during the winter in Bulgaria
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Hot springs during winter

Ideas for the top 10 tourist attractions in Bulgaria you should visit

Since the early antiquity, the favourable natural and climate conditions have had a beneficial influence of the whole range of the arts.

Some of the sightseeing attractions in Bulgaria are the Magura Cave, the Madara Horseman and the gold Thracian treasures.

There are numerous Roman and Byzantine monuments, the unique murals in the Kazanlak Thracian Tomb and the Boyana church.

All these are some of the remarkable examples of the ancient Bulgarian art, Natural Revival Period, as well as considerable achievements of the contemporary Bulgarian art and culture.

The Thracian Tomb of Sveshtari, Bulgaria
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Thracian Tomb of Sveshtari

If you still have any doubts if Bulgaria is worth visiting, find out about its cultural heritage

Along with the rapid progress in the IT industry, agriculture, building, science and arts, Bulgaria is carefully preserving its original heritage and sightseeing attractions.

You can participate in many festivals and enjoy the rich Bulgarian folklore, customs and traditions.

Furthermore, there is a lot of interesting natural architecture.

Finally, a harmonious balance has been established between rapid modern development and the national heritage, between comfort and tradition, nature and civilization.

Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019
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Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019

Haven’t yet completed your list of tourism activities?

If you haven’t, plan a visit to the Rose Festival in Bulgaria, you should definitely add it to your list of tourism activities.

Each year more than a thousand metric tons of rose blossoms are harvested in the world-famous Rose Valley for use in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

That’s why Kazanlak and Karlovo are turning into one of the top tourist destinations in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian folklore group of women dancing during the Rose Festival in the city centre of Karlovo
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list of tourism activities – Bulgarian folk dances

Moreover, some of the best places in Bulgaria are the ancient museum towns of Koprivshtitsa, Melnik, Nessebur and Zheravna.

Moreover, you may add in the list with tourism activities a visit of Rila Monastery, taste of the unique and famous Bulgarian yoghurt, an exhibition of folk arts and crafts, and many more!

One of top 10 tourist attractions in bulgaria, The town of Melnik
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One of the top 10 tourist attractions in Bulgaria – Melnik

All this has helped to establish the name of Bulgaria as a synonym of stability and promise on the world tourist market.

At present Bulgaria boasts an impressive array of tourist facilities.

The hotels are modern, as meeting the highest international standards. Furthermore, there is a lot of comfortable guest house and first-rate private lodgings.

Last but not least, the tourist infrastructure is continuously expanding.

You will find excellent conditions for rest, sport and recreation.

Outdoor swimming pool with mineral water in Park & Spa Hotel
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Spa and nature in Markovo

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A young woman is enjoying a beautiful landscape during her holiday in Bulgaria
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