Why Chiflik Troyan is one of the best spa resorts in Bulgaria?

The village of Chiflik is located only 15 km away from the town of Troyan and 175 km (about 2.5 hours from Sofa Airport by car). Chiflik or Chiflika how the locals call the village is well connected with Troyan through a regular bus line.

The village of Chiflik is a unique spa resort! The landscape of the region is exceptionally picturesque, of alpine character.

Here you may find the magnificent flower edelweiss growing only in this part of the Stara Planina mountain range.

Panorama swimming pool
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village of Chiflik Troyan

Location of the village of Chiflik, Troyan

The village of Chiflik, Troyan is one of the most beautiful and famous spa resorts in Bulgaria! It is a small village situated in the heart of the Balkan Mountain, at an altitude of 700 m.a.s.l. It is the right combination of beautiful nature and rich architectural fantasy.

The village can compete with the best and most exquisite European spa resorts. The landscape of the region is magnificent and picturesque, of alpine character. Here are located the natural relief and biosphere landmarks part of the National Park “Central Balkan” – “Kozia Stena”.

Pure air and breathtaking nature

Chiflika Troyan offers absolutely pure, clean and healthy mountain air, combined with breathtaking nature.

The region is one of the few places in Europe where edelweiss still grows. On its territory inhabited by many species of raptors, deer, wild and boars. There are unique rock formations and ancient beech forests. The inhabitants of the village of Chiflik breed goats and sheep mostly.

Beautiful sunset mountain view near Chiflik, Bulgaria. The Kozya Stena peak and hut are famous in the Troyan Balkan
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Beautiful sunset mountain view

The resort offers Olympic size swimming pool with mineral water and beach, many small public places and hotels with own pools and balneology, physiotherapy and SPA facilities. Take advantage of open-air pools of Chiflika even during the coldest winter days.

Climate in Chiflika Troyan

The climate in Chiflik, Troyan is moderate, planned, with relatively cool summer and snowy winter. Here is the paradise of ancient forests and clean air. The exuberant nature and mineral water geothermal springs offer the opportunity to relax during all seasons.

The average temperature in Chiflik in January is about 0-1 °C. The average temperature in July is about 20-21 °C. This means that the winter is mild and the summer cool.

Best season for holiday: May-November

Hot springs in Chiflik Troyan and their healing powers

There are 9 thermal springs in Chiflik Troyan. It becomes famous as a SPA resort due to the valuable healing qualities of the water.

Seven of the springs have a temperature of 50-61 °C, low mineralized and slightly alkaline.

The two are non-canal waters, which contributes to the individual treatment of patients.

All waters are used for the treatment of many diseases: diseases of the locomotory system, nephron-urological, cardiovascular, endocrine-metabolic, allergic diseases as well as for central and peripheral nervous system disorders.

Hot springs in Chiflik Troyan, Bulgaria
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Hot springs in Chiflika Troyan

The swimming pools in the Chiflik are connected with natural mineral waters and have constant temperature water of 34 °C throughout the year, even during the winter.

Take advantage of the outdoor and indoor swimming pools and spa facilities in the hotels.

Main attractions to visit near Chiflika Troyan

Troyan Monastery

Founded at the end of the 16th century Troyan Monastery is the third largest monastery in Bulgaria. It is famous for its miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, the Three-handed.

Troyan Monastery is one of the largest Bulgarian monasteries, famous for its miraculous icon of St. Mary.

The yard of the Troyan Monastery, near the city of Troyan
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Troyan Monastery

Plum Festival in Troyan & Oreshak

This is one of the most attractive and cheerful holidays in Europe. The Plum Festival 2020 will take place on Friday, 18th of September until Sunday, 20th of September 2020.

The production of premium quality plum brandy (rakia) has become a part of the local culture. The plum brandy from Troyan has gained national and international acclaim at major showcases.

Freshly-made Bulgarian plum rakia during the Plum Fesitval in Troyan and Oreshak
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Freshly-made plum rakia

Troyan pottery and craft workshops

The town of Troyan is famous for its traditional pottery, as a result of the qualities of the local clay soil. Pottery was the main source of income for the local craftsmen. Fine examples of traditional pottery can be seen in the town’s museum of traditional crafts and arts.

Troyan is unique across Bulgaria in providing schooling in the art of pottery at the level of secondary school.

Man working on potter’s wheel making ceramic pot from clay in pottery workshop during the Plum Festival in Troyan
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Troyan pottery wheel and technique of making a pot

The town is rich on clay deposits and people produce good and quality ceramics. Usually, you use a foot-powered pottery wheel and then bake the pots in special furnaces.

The decoration is concurrent with the function and shape.

Troyan pottery in the Museum of Folk Art Crafts and Applied Arts
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Troyan pottery

The nearby villages of Oreshak and Apriltsi are also known with their craft workshops and classes of pottery, ceramics, wood-carving and copper.

Men hands woodcarving beautiful ornament in Troyan, Bulgaria
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Krushuna Waterfalls

Situated in a scenic forested landscape with abundant caves and other karst formations, the Krushuna Waterfalls are stunning. They impress with turquoise waters and a peaceful natural setting.

Beautiful river stages near bulgarian village Krushuna
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Krushuna Waterfalls

Devetashka cave

It is the region’s largest karst cave and one of the most beautiful of its kind in the world.

The famous Devetashka Cave in north-central Bulgaria
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Devetashka Cave

Kozya Stena

Kozya Stena is the smallest reserve in the Central Balkan National Park. Here you can find Stalingrad edelweiss, a variety of raptors and more than 40 endangered plant species.

Kozya Stena is the smallest reserve in the Central Balkan National Park
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Kozya Stena

The Museum of Traditional Crafts and Applied Arts in Troyan

The museum is one of the most engaging folk-art attractions. It displays a colourful range of traditional pottery, crafts, tools and kukeri costumes (dramatic costumes to dispel evil and invite good).

The colours of the kukeri’s costumes are carefully chosen: red prevails, to remind of the revival in nature, the sun and nature’s fertility, black is added to symbolize earth, and white stands for light and water.

Kukeri costume of Bulgarian man
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Kukeri costumes
Interesting information about the village of Chiflika Troyan

Chiflik village written in Cyrillic: село Чифлик
Latitude: 42.9169998
Longitude: 24.6669998
Average annual temperature: 11 °C
Temperature thermal springs: 50-61 °C
Municipality: Troyan municipality
District: Lovech district
Altitude: from 500 to 700
Distance from Sofia Airport: 180 km (approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes by car)
Area Size: 46.738 km2
Population: 290 people (31.11.2019)
Postal Code: 5661
Phone Code: 069613

Beautiful mountain view from the Troyan Balkan. Exceptionally picturesque and offers a combination of wonderful mountain scenery and fresh air.
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