Rose festival in Bulgaria

The Rose Festivals in Kazanlak and Karlovo are celebrations of talent, arts, love and traditions for all tourists, guests and residents.

Bulgarian girls dressed in traditional Bulgarian folklore costumes posing during the Rose Festival
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Bansko Jazz Fest 2020

Bansko Jazz Fest 2020 is the biggest and most famaous jazz event in Bulgaria.

The Jive Aces band performing in the International Jazz Festival Bansko
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Bulgarian Plum Festival – a celebration of plums and traditions

The Bulgarian Plum Festival is a joyful celebration of the plum and plum rakia. Immerse yourself in the uniqueness of the Bulgarian spirit, culture, and dances.

Old man dressed in folklore costumes preparing home-made rakia during the Bulgarian Plum Festival
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What is Bulgaria best known for?

Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe and there are some unique things you should know.

Six photos to remember Bulgaria
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