9 Best Spa Resorts In Bulgaria Everyone Should Know About

Visit the Spa Resorts in Bulgaria and fall in love with its beautiful nature from the very first sight.

Enjoy a Spa Day or retreat during your holiday in Bulgaria. Immerse in thermal hot springs, fresh air, stunning views and homemade food.

Moreover, Bulgaria is the home to some of the best thermal Spas in Europe.

Not only that but our country has plenty of mineral springs. Hence, we rank second in Europe due to our hot springs right after Iceland.

Swimming pool with mineral water in Bulgaria
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Swimming pool with mineral water in Bulgaria

Furthermore, Bulgaria has ancient traditions in Spa and Balneology. There is no surprise why many Roman Emperors chose our lands to heal and relax.

Read the article and discover some of the best Spa resorts in Bulgaria, Roman baths and things to do.

Why Bulgaria offers one of the best thermal Spas in Europe?

There are many Spa resorts in Bulgaria.

You will find some of them near the mountains while others are scattering along the Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria. The water temperatures are from 20 to 103 °C.

Over 80% of the Bulgarian hot springs have healing properties. You can enhance your immune system. It’s perfect for clearing the body of toxins.

Few countries that can compete with the Bulgarian healing hot springs. That’s why we hold the crown of Europe’s spa and wellness tourism. These advantages make Bulgaria a year-round spa destination.

What About The Hot Springs In Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is a country of health. As effectively treat some of the most widespread diseases of our times. There are many Balneotherapeutic centres and Spa centres across the country. You may heal here everything from eczema to rheumatoid arthritis, bronchial asthma and bronchopneumonia. There are many reasons to visit the Spa resorts in Bulgaria. Thus the best one is the mineral hot springs. Due to the abundance of hot springs, Bulgaria ranks second in Europe. As our country is providing all types of mineral water existing in nature. Bulgaria holds over 1 600 springs, of which more than 700 are mineral springs. It’s no wonder that Bulgaria is a preferred and leading spa destination in Europe!
There are hundreds of healing hot springs in Bulgaria
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There are hundreds of healing hot springs in Bulgaria

There are over 225 mineral water fields in Bulgaria – a real treasure. Most of them are located in Southern Bulgaria – 148 springs and Northern Bulgaria – 77.

Most of the mineral springs are with hot water, but there are also cold ones.

Since ancient times, mineral springs were used for the treatment of various diseases. Some of them are cardiovascular, pulmonary, joint, gastrointestinal and many others.

Moreover, each mineral spring has a different chemical composition and reflection on the body.

History of the Spa in Bulgaria

Thousands of travellers across the globe are visiting Bulgaria due to its wealth of mineral springs scattered throughout the country. The Bulgarian thermal waters are diverse in chemical composition, temperature and properties.

Going back in time, Thracians were the people who first discovered the healing properties of the thermal water.

They founded one of the oldest settlements on the territory of Bulgaria around thermal springs. In the next centuries, the Romans invaded and overtook these lands during the rise of their empire. They constructed thousands of Roman baths and treated various ailments, also to tone and maintain a good shape.

Largest Roman bath on the Balkan Peninsula was the Varna Thermal Baths, built at the end of the 2nd century.

Varna Roman Baths, 2nd century
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Varna Roman Baths, 2nd century

It isn’t straightforward to point out which one of the many spa destinations in Bulgaria are the best ones. They all deserve this honour.

However, we’ve selected to present some of the best spa resorts in Bulgaria:

1. Velingrad Spa Resort 

Velingrad is a city known as the SPA Capital of the Balkans. Velingrad has diverse mineral springs and their number is above 70.

The water temperature varies between 28 °C and 91 °C. The city is home of a real miracle of nature – the biggest karst spring in Bulgaria, Kleptuza.

Ice-cold water gushes every second on the surface of Kleptuza.

In addition to healing, the Velingrad mineral water rejuvenates and beautifies. In this small and picturesque town, you will find many amazing spa hotels, baths and swimming pools.

There are also many things to do in Velingrad.

Swimming pool with hot mineral water in Bulgaria, Velingrad
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Swimming pool with hot mineral water in Bulgaria, Velingrad

2. Sapareva Banya

Sapareva Banya is a small town located in Western Bulgaria and is nestled in the generous hugs of Rila Mountain.

One of the coldest rivers in Bulgaria, Jerman, passes around Sapareva Banya. Here you can find the thermal spring with the highest temperature in Bulgaria.

It is one of the hottest geysers in the world and the hottest in Europe (103 °C). This spring pushes 18 meters of mineral water every 5 seconds.

The hospitality of the local people is well known and its proximity to the capital city of Sofia is a plus.

The water in Sapareva Banya is extremely healing.

Swimming pool with mineral water in Bulgaria, Sapareva Banya
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Swimming pool with mineral water in Bulgaria, Sapareva Banya

3. Sandanski

There are over 80 healing hot springs in the region with a temperature of 42 °C to 81 °C.

Thermal water here has very low mineralization and rich chemical composition. The city is also rich in historical landmarks.

Sandanski is very close to Greece, which makes it a very popular destination.

Swimming pool with mineral water in Bulgaria, Sandanski
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Swimming pool with mineral water in Bulgaria, Sandanski

4. Hisarya

When you think of Hisarya, Bulgaria, the first thing that comes to mind is the SPA. The town is one of the oldest and most popular balneological and spa centres in Bulgaria.

Here you can find 22 springs, with different chemical characteristics and temperature ranging from 41 °C to 52 °C. The water is very soft and perfect for drinking.

Quality spa hotels and resorts take almost the entire city. Among the cultural attractions of the city is the four-entranced fortress wall.

Spa resort Hisarya, Bulgaria
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Spa resort Hisarya, Bulgaria

Spa resorts in the Black Sea Coast:

The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast covers the entire eastern bound of Bulgaria stretching from the Romanian Black Sea resorts in the north to European Turkey in the south, along 378 km of coastline.

White and golden sandy beaches occupy approximately 130 km of the coast.

The region is an important centre of tourism during the summer season (May–October), drawing millions of foreign and local tourists alike.

Bulgaria beaches Black sea
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Black Sea Coast

The major cities in the north and south – Varna and Burgas turn into the country’s most popular tourist destinations.

5. Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is one of the best Europe’s party destinations during the summer.

As a summer capital of pleasures, attracts tourist from all across the globe from 18 to 30 years of age.

All travellers may find clubs and bars that are full of party-goers, especially in July and August. During the day you may go to the beach and relax or take advantage of the nearby water parks.

Blond girls enjoying the Nightlife in Sunny Beach
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Nightlife in Sunny Beach

So if you’re a party animal you’ll be very happy to visit Sunny Beach!

6. Albena

Albena is very popular as a spa destination.

This is due to the presence of mineral waters with healing properties and a very rare kind of mud – the limestone mud.

Beautiful landscape photo of Spa resort near Burgas
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the beautiful Albena resort

There are many places to stay if you decide to visit and enjoy the calmness and beauty of the north seashores of Bulgaria.

7. Golden Sands

Golden Sands is located in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, surrounded by a nature reserve of the same name. The third-largest city in Bulgaria – Varna is 17 km south of Golden Sands.

The resort is a famous sea and spa destination. The combination of the specific climate and thermal waters successfully helps in the treatment of many diseases.

Two chairs and two tables lying at the sands of Varna thermal baths
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Golden Sands resort

Besides being an amazingly beautiful sea vacation spot, Golden Sands also has healing hot springs.

8. Saints Constantine and Helena

St. St. Constantine and Helena Resort is the first officially recognized Black Sea resort. It is one of the most popular and beautiful Bulgarian tourist destinations. Situated only 8 km north of Varna city and 16 km away from Varna airport the area offers a stunning natural beauty.

Two chairs and two tables lying at the sands of Varna thermal baths
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Saints Constantine and Helena

9. Pomorie

Pomorie is the most popular balneotherapy resort on the Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria. The town is famous for the rich deposits of healing limestone mud coming from the Pomorie Lake.

Two young girls enjoying the mud baths at Atanasovsko Lake near Pomorie, Bulgaria
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mud baths at Atanasovsko Lake, near Pomorie

The combination of mineral waters, the iodine-rich air and the healing mud are extremely beneficial for curing various conditions.

Best Spa Resorts in Bulgaria
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